Mental Well-Being: Factors Destroying it and Actions to Maintain it

A Guide by Jeremy Schulman

People believe that healthy people lead a happy life until they die. However, being physically normal alone will not conclude that we live happily. Mental health is equally important. There are several reasons for our mental well-being to get disturbed. Also, we should do certain things to maintain our state of well-being. Let us discuss everything in detail.

Factors destroying your mental well-being

The following factors are constantly affecting your mental well-being.

Work issues – As you cannot live without money, you will have to work somewhere to earn money. However, you will be interested in a specific field alone and may hate almost all other fields. For example, if you love to practice law like Jeremy Schulman but cannot, you may face some mental issues while doing your current job.

Relationship issues – Fights or misunderstandings with your partner will directly impact your mental well-being. Separation could make it an intense situation and will destroy your mental peace. So, maintaining a better relationship with your partner is also a key factor in deciding your mental state.

Loneliness – Having no one to spend time with and share things with will be another cause of mental well-being issues. You can name it loneliness. Some people will be lonely even if a lot of people surround them.

Financial issues – Money has become the ultimate factor to survive in this competitive world. As the prices of things are constantly increasing, being short of money is a big stress factor. If you are unemployed, the stress will be extreme. It will not even allow you to sleep well. So, your mental well-being will not be in control.

Physical issues – Those struggling with physical health issues like injuries or disabilities may be short of better mental well-being due to constant stress.  

Necessary actions to take for better mental well-being

If you have several mental issues without valid reasons, it is advisable to follow the below-mentioned activities to witness some improvements. 

Be social – It is human nature to talk with people and have relationships with them. Being away from others for a long time alone is a mistake on your end. It could lead to severe mental health issues. You would have noticed a few people in your workspace or educational centers who will always stay alone without mingling with others for almost anything. These people may develop mental issues frequently, even for silly things. You need not be like that. If you are in a successful phase, you should try sharing your happiness with whoever you have in your circle. Likewise, your sad phase will also be shared with such people. While doing so, your burden will get reduced. If you do not have a single person to share your joy and sorrows, you will get depressed often. So, being social should be your way of life to avoid mental well-being issues.

Avoid getting extremely emotional – If you are a highly sensitive person with extreme emotions, you are on the edge of getting mental well-being issues. You should learn the art of seeing things lightly. It could be a happy situation or the worst ever scenario. You should try to respond to them with a similar mindset. As every bad phase will eventually end, you should not get depressed about it Likewise, getting angry at people and situations is also not good for your mental health. Once you master being calm and composed, you will feel mentally good and fresh.

Reduce screen time – Taking advantage of the technologies is advisable. However, living only with these technologies and ignoring the ordinary world could affect your mental well-being. If you spend most of your wake time on computer screens and mobiles, you will also get eye-related issues and some social issues. It will gradually develop into mental well-being issues. Hence, it is good to reduce the overall screentime if possible.

Enjoy the time at work – The most tedious task for most people is to love their worktime. It is because of their lack of love towards their profession. For example, if you hate mathematics but end up as an accountant, your whole life will become hell. The same goes true for everyone who loves another profession but works somewhere else due to situations. Therefore, you should try your best to enjoy your time at work. If you cannot do so, you should immediately look for another job. If the work is giving mental pressure apart from that stress due to workload, you cannot live happily. Hence, you should reconsider the shift in the profession before you lose your mental well-being completely. In contrast, you will be fresh and active if you do what you love the most.

Have some music – You can consider listening to music the same as having a healthy diet that keeps your mind fresh and energetic. Music has the power to relax your mind and body. You may not find any scientific records or statements suggesting the use of music to get your mental well-being back. However, you will see results if you have a routine of listening to music for a few minutes every day. It could be any music.

Spend time with family – You cannot find a better mental relief factor than a kid. Likewise, the whole of your family will help you get relief from a lot of mental issues and stress factors. Regardless of your work pressure or any other issues, you should keep a few hours of your daily routine for spending time with the family members. You will get highly motivated and relaxed if you do this. Even during your hard days, their love will help you recover faster. So, you should avoid staying away from your family for any reason.

Meditate – If you can sit calmly and focus on a single thing without any distractions for several minutes, you will sense miracles in your body. It is nothing but meditation that will keep your mental well-being in check, along with some physical benefits. Hence, it is advisable to meditate whenever you can.

Jeremy Schulman Guide: Everything to Understand About a Healthy Diet

Eating is the way of life, and you cannot do any activity if you leave yourself hungry for a long time. However, you cannot attain health by eating random things. Every food item will have certain ingredients that will offer you different types of nutrition. You would have heard the terms vitamins, proteins, carbs, and the likes. Only if you get the right proportions of all these nutrients, your health will be stable. However, most of us are not eating according to the standard proportions. It is the major reason for the common diseases and premature deaths happening worldwide. If you have a good diet every day and keep doing necessary physical activities, you can live a long life with happiness. Your overall well-being will also be good. So, experts like Jeremy Schulman often insist on the need for a better diet. However, another claim is that the challenges lying ahead of people are not letting them have such a balanced diet every day. We are about to discuss the reasons for having a better diet and the challenges to come across.

Reasons to have a healthy diet

The following are the crucial reasons that make it necessary to eat healthily every day.

To be active

If you do not have enough nutrition, you cannot even be active and do your daily tasks. In the busy schedule of your work life or even student life, you should be active throughout the day. Insufficient nutrition will restrict you from your success in most cases. You will lose your morale and self-confidence because of this. So, it is advisable to eat properly with essential nutrients to be active always.

For better heart health

You might have noticed a drastic increase in the number of heart issues and deaths due to such issues throughout the world in recent times. It is due to the change of lifestyle and eating habits. The most crucial things that may lead you to heart issues will be changes in your blood pressure and hypertension. Some studies show that eating heart-friendly food may help you avoid such problems. All you should do is eat healthily by avoiding stuff like oily foods and do some physical activities often. In addition, you can take a lot of vegetables, fruits, and grains to stay away from heart issues. Fiber foods will help you win over your heart issues.

To stay away from cancer

The changes in your diet and consumption are the primary factors that cause cancer in different forms. However, you should make sure that your food consumption includes antioxidants in greater amounts. These antioxidants will help minimize the number of free radicals inside your body. If this happens, you are away from the risks of cancer. So, you should increase your consumption of veggies, fruits, and nuts. You can find items that act as antioxidants if you do some research on the internet.

For improved memory

Most people think that diet is related only to physical health. But your brain will also need some nutrients. If you lack these essential nutrients, you will start losing your memory, or your brain will become stagnant. It is found that people who consume a lot of nuts, fish, omega 3 fatty acids, and the likes have a better memory. If you follow the Mediterranean diet, you can get all these nutrients. So, you should consider following a proper diet.

To have a better mood

Sometimes, you may feel depressed or start hating everything without any reason. It may be because of the lack of proper nutrition. Hence, you should eat well to have a better mood always.

To maintain an optimum weight

Your weight is a crucial factor that affects your health. If your weight is going out of control, you should beware of the potential health risks associated with it. Eating properly with a planned diet will help to keep your weight in an optimum condition and not increase it. Even people who are obese can follow a healthy diet to reduce their weight. You will enjoy many health benefits if your weight is under control.

Lower risk of diabetes

Another issue that affects most people throughout the world is diabetes. An imbalance in the glucose levels in the body will cause this issue, and you can control such levels with a proper diet. All you should focus on is the levels of sugar and salt in your diet. It is easy if you have the right plan.

Better bones and teeth

If you do not have healthy teeth, you will find it hard to eat a lot of items. So, your teeth’ health is also crucial. Likewise, your bones are vital for your normal metabolism. If the bones are weak, you will face unwanted pains and other issues. Sometimes even young people cannot walk properly due to poor bone health. You can avoid all such problems with a diet rich in calcium and related nutrients good for your bones and teeth. Some of these items are broccoli, cauliflower, fish, legumes, and the likes.

Common challenges in having a healthy diet regularly

Most people are not following a healthy diet only because of certain difficulties. Some of these challenges are as follows,

Not having enough time – It is a common issue for most people as their schedules are that tight. However, you can do whatever you want if you wish to do so. So, you should spend a few hours everyday planning and executing your diet. Else, you can take support from any dietician or even your family members to plan your diet.

Not having enough money – You need not have much money to have a better diet. All you should do is know the various cheap food items that are healthy.

The desire for junk foods – Almost everyone will love junk foods. However, you should try your best to control the urge.

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